Wonder Festival 2008 Summer Report

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This is a little break from Ma.K to show you some of the other things I found interesting.

WF Arrival
Here's what appear to be life-size Kenshiro and Raoh riding Kokuoh from the Fist of the North Star.

I had a stop at Kotobukiya's booth, where I was drawn by...

WF Arrival
... this opened panel X-wing (overloaded with details!),

WF Arrival
a 1/72 Gigabachi from Ghost In The Shell Stand Alone Complex
(which has been around for some time),

WF Arrival
and a 1/72 Hellhound from the Patlabor series.

Also charming was a creation by Moderythm, called Tube 1, at 1/20 scale.

WF Arrival
What you get in the kit are the resin parts shown on the left.
(No figure included)

WF Arrival
Here's a nice diorama,

WF Arrival
and another one.

Ugh, I'm pulling Out!
Why not check the models in the previous page?
Just show more more Ma.K!