Wonder Festival 2008 Summer Report

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All right, it may have been too easy a joke to some.

WF Arrival
This is the line-up for the T.H.A.T folks.
The T-shirts allow you to become an AFS: they have all the markings of the suit, and even the exhaust/intake!
They also come with "Good" or "Bad" variant marking.
They brought a huge "surprise": a 1/20 F-Boot, woot!
(OK, OK....)

WF Arrival
You can see prior offerings here, and of note is the leftmost wheeler, which is nothing but the yellow guy assembled in a different way with few additional parts, which is another way to enjoy the same kit!
(..., OK, OK...)

Speaking of surprise, SF Media, a new dealer participating from Honk Kong (I think), was offering two 3D-renditions of designs found in the Ma.K Sketchbook:

WF Arrival
a 1/20 One Man Pod from the Mercenary Force with a full cockpit interior and a pilot figure
(too bad the display sample has cloudy canopy)

WF Arrival
and a Strahl Army Hover Bike.
They look superb!

WF Arrival
Artefact was proposing this very nice set of ASF enhancement (no, that's not a pill), including a rack, finger parts in the closed position fitting the standard right hand so it can hold the rack, a tube, two different helmet interior parts and a respirator mask as depicted in the Amsel vs. Nutrocker story.

As usual, Zionel Westen Bis had many nice offerings, the newer among which being

WF Arrival
this gorgeous 1/35 MK 52b/g compatible kit,

WF Arrival
and a kick-ass 1/35 Fledermaus.

WF Arrival
A very much anticipated item by Arpeggio, namely the Mercenary Army Female Mechanic, who was featured in the latest Model Graphix Magazine.
She will be available for general retail, so order en masse, when she hits the shops.
Words are that the overwhelming responses from overseas to the first Female Pilot figure made this new general release possible.
We've got to keep it up!

Innai (?) Service Area was proposing a series in 1/48 scale, which is not very common for Ma.K, including:

WF Arrival

WF Arrival

WF Arrival

WF Arrival
and Nixe.

WF Arrival
Not sure if this model was for sale, but it is a very nice original design of a hovering vehicle.

Looking at the very nice models that can be done at this scale, thanks to this talented seller, I think we should all agree that Ma.K can be enjoyed no matter which scale!

Too much for me, I have to leave.
Did you show something before?
I don't know what comes after.