Wonder Festival 2008 Summer Report

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So, the usual rituals consisted in crack-opening the shipping boxes containing the goods, taking the table samples out for display and organizing as much as possible the mess on the dealers' side of the table.

Our line-up was:

WF Arrival
The now famous Maschinen Archaeologist shirt, ver. 2, by Jason.
Both sides are printed now, with two different types of finish to choose from.
Many people, whom I suspect didn't know much about the franchise, were wondering about the spoon and the Yakult bottle, with that "why" grin on their face.
That always makes me smile.

WF Arrival
John's latest issues, the Fledermaus cockpit detail sets, both the Mercenary and the SDR versions.

WF Arrival
Jason's Heavy Use Worker Suit.

WF Arrival
Nick's armored crab.

WF Arrival
And, of course, Futch's much praised Fire Fly.
Doho said it was an amazingly beautiful kit to build!

Then, I scouted around to locate the dealers I was supposed to dash to within the first minutes of the opening, according to the now routinely-made tactical map.

This year, however, there was a huge hurdle, literally: the dealers were split between the first floor and the fourth floor, which is where we were located. Yep, that's two floors separating the two levels at which the event was held. Fortunately, linking the two was:

WF Arrival
... this gigantic escalator!

So, I said to my self, once I clear the fourth floor, then I'll just go down the two floors with the escalator.
Easy enough.

If I were you, I'd leave before it's too late...
Remind me how I got here.
Then why don't you just do it.