Wonder Festival 2007 Summer Report

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WF Arrival
Well, we were sharing the same corner of the island with a few incarnations of the most notorious cinematic creature in this country, and probably world-wide!

WF Arrival
What a corner!
Incidentally, many people who were going to the Godzillas stopped at our table, impressed and intrigued by the Chaika!

But enough babbling, because it is...


WF Arrival

WF Arrival

WF Arrival
... it is always impressive.
However, I have for the first time witnessed someone falling after being bumped into, and apparently hurt himself.
Dangereous it is, indeed.

WF Arrival
This is the gratifying vision that awaited me when I got back from my maybe third trip out into the sea of madness to fish out whatever I could: small fish, medium fish, big fish, really big fish, giant fish, funny fish, fish riders and and fish parts.

Then, I went around distributing some Anti-Gravity Pods to make sure every one remembered this was the 25th Anniversary of the very reason why they are here today. However, with the painting demonstration by Yokoyama-sensei coming up next, I had no time to really chat or take pics. Sorry to the dealers, and sorry to you , the reader. I can only hope that other people will be posting pics they took.

Yeah, Whatever!
Did you say a painting Demonstration?