You'd really better have a True Color display, if you want to look at every detail of the pictures on this page.

As a matter of fact, I found it easier to stick a drop of solder to a resistor or a capacitor connected to the DACs' outputs, rather than directly soldering the "tapping" wires on the chips' pins. At the same time, you avoid frying them !

Here's a view of a portion of the card :

Overview of the card

Overview of the card

The DACs are indicated and the location of the wires are circled.

Zooming in the area of interest :

Audio Outputs

Details about the audio outputs

The discrete components (resistors and capacitors) to which the wires are soldered are :

FM L --> C120
FM R --> C121
WF L --> R43
WF R --> R47

The power was derived as follows :

Power derivation

Power derivation

The 7th ISA pin from the left is -12V and the 9th delivers +12V. I found it easier to solder the wires to the capacitors a bit downstream, as circled in the above picture (black=-12V, red=+12V).

The ground for all the additional circuitry was taken from the CD connector's pin.

All you need now is to connect a pre-amp to all the wires sticking out from the card.

Preliminary results

In addition to the output separation, WF's sound seems brighter than before. I hope to provide some evidence for this later. The FM's output had a weird behaviour : it had WF sounds in the background, i.e. there was a crosstalk. But this crosstalk was not symmetric, i.e. there was no FM sound in the backgound of the WF's sounds. To cure this situation, I cut the FM path right before the original on-board pre-amp. This provided a clean FM sound BUT because the WF's signal can no longer "leak" to the FM path, all the WF's out is fed to the above pre-amp, resulting in an increase of input signal : distorsions can be heard for some loud sounds. I insist on the fact that the sound is clean when heard from the separated output. It becomes a problem when trying to listen to it from the original outputs. This of course doesn't affect the digital audio playback.

I hope you have enjoyed following this project so far. Just let me know, be the answer positive or negative.

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