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Below is another representation of the data flow :

ICS2115 ====> uDP6376 --+                                 
                        |--> TL084 --> CS4231A --> Outputs
 YMF262 ====>  YAC512 --+                                 
Of course, you need to know where the pins are located in order to start playing with (analog or digital) signal routing. I'm not going to present them with ASCII art, no way. Just putting some links where I found the tech sheets, with the help of some other people. Make sure to read (and understand) them !

That's all you need if you take the "Fast" or "Analog" options. In fact you need some OP AMP to amplify the signals from both DACs' outputs. I would suggest the NE5532A (type 5532 in the search engine under tech docs and get both the application notes and the datasheet) or the LM833. The NE5532D is actually used on the Tropez as the final amplification stage, i.e. right after the CS4231A.
Add the CS8402A if you want to go the "Digital" way (and forget about the OP AMPs above).

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